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3rd place for PushPull at the Guthman Instrument Competition

3DMIN is happy to announce that PushPull made it to a third place at the 2015 Guthman Instrument Competition. Thanks everyone for believing in us and stay tuned for updates!

Below you can watch the whole Guthman competition at GeorgiaTech. The PushPull performance by Amelie Hinrichsen and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes starts at about 10:23:00.


(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Steve Welburn

Artist talk – Mico Rex 11.7.2014, 13h

micoRexLetrasFondoChicoOn Fri, 11.7.2014, 13h, the same day as their performance at NK, Mico Rex will give a public artist talk in the scope of 3DMIN and the computational art class of UdK Berlin:

Universität der Künste Institut für zeitbasierte Medien, Grunewaldstraße 2, Schöneberg,  10823 Berlin, Germany. Free entrance.

From their webpage (we had to ommit the blinking, check it out yourself):

Mico Rex is an experimental electro-pop mexican duo founded in 2010 by Ernesto Romero and Jorge Ramírez, pionners in live programming in Mexico.

Described as sticky, melodic and danceable, within a kaleidoscope of styles such as 8bits/glitch, oldschool/electro, romantic style,punk, geek, breakz, fresh, bolero, vocal, finura, 80’s from the future!!!

The live performance is a combination of structured pieces and improvisation with code accompanied with voice and home-made controllers in pain.

The sound design, structure and composition are made upon programming code for hardware and software developed by the group members themselves. They consider code as the most flexible media for live electronics performance.


Featured Photo (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  Steve Welburn.

Modality Meeting and Workshop at STEIM

Modality is a toolkit to improve and facilitate the use of digital technology within sound art and music, based on the audio programming language SuperCollider.

Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes, Amelie Hinrichsen, Alberto de Campo and Till Bovermann will attend the next Modality meeting held at STEIM Amsterdam between 30.3.2014 and 6.4.2014. It is accompanied by a public workshop and a concert at OT301 on 5.4.2014. Welcome!

Group Meeting Systematic Musicology

On march 7/8, Alexander Förstel and Hauke Egermann gave a talk on the subject of sound embodiment at the annual “Group Meeting Systematic Musicology” in Kassel, Germany. The talk included a short introduction of the 3Dmin project and was well received. We are looking forward to participating again next year!

Workshops and Seminars

New Musical Instruments

Designproject, 3rd−7th semester BA and diploma

Within the research project new electronical instruments will be developed together with students from product design, generative arts and soundstudies. Inspired by invited musicians and their technical set-ups solutions may be integrated in existing instruments or even new instruments will be generated. Since the project is cooperation based working within groups, transdisciplinary work flow and getting into the spirit of the creative works borderland is in focus.

weekly meetings on tuesdays, 10:00 – 17:00

Grunewaldstrasse 2-5, room 111

first date: 28.10.2013 (attention: monday!)