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Modality Meeting and Workshop at STEIM

Modality is a toolkit to improve and facilitate the use of digital technology within sound art and music, based on the audio programming language SuperCollider.

Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes, Amelie Hinrichsen, Alberto de Campo and Till Bovermann will attend the next Modality meeting held at STEIM Amsterdam between 30.3.2014 and 6.4.2014. It is accompanied by a public workshop and a concert at OT301 on 5.4.2014. Welcome!


Semesterabschlusskonzert 3DMIN – 07.02.2014 – 19:00h

At this event, groups of the interdisciplinary course
“New Musical Instruments” will present their work in artistic performances.
In addition, we are happy to have students of the courses

Code Experiments: Stand_Alone – The Ubiquitous Instrument (Hannes Hölzl)
Audiovisual Programming: Embedded Systems (Frederik Olofsson)
8bit synthesis (Constantin Engelmann)

present their work.

at the  Aula of the UdK Berlin

Institut für zeitbasierte Medien

Grunewaldstrasse 2-5

10823 Berlin