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This new movement calls for novel musical instruments, which can embody, control, or trigger electronic sound processes. Despite the multitude of concepts and prototypes of such musical instruments, which could be labeled electroacoustic, hybrid, or digital, presented each year, none of them has permanently established itself in musical education and concert life. In the project, an interdisciplinary team of researchers working in musicology, musical acoustics and technology, composition and design research will identify requirements for successful new musical instruments, document and exhibit key concepts, and develop prototypes for new musical instruments, which will be concurrently tested in live artistic contexts and empirically evaluated using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

A Festival on Contemporary Musical Instruments and Interfaces

5.2.2016–7.2.2016: Performing Sound, Playing Technology—A festival at ZKM!

»Performing Sound, Playing Technology. A Festival on Contemporary Musical Instruments and Interfaces« provides insights into the development of innovative instruments and interfaces in the field of electronic music. A total of two concert evenings on subjects such as instrument prosthetics, established tools thought new, live coding, tinkering and dancing. In addition, research projects will be presented in a symposium, and there will also be a possibility to experiment in innovative instruments and interfaces.

In Concert – PushPull / WaveSetter at PNEM Festival and NODE+CODE

PushPull will be on a (short) tour in the Netherlands and Germany! and we’ll play a completely new piece, featuring even e new instrument prototype!
Amelie Hinrichsen and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes will play PushPull, accompanied by Till Bovermann on WaveSetter, a recent instrument prototype developed at the 3DMIN Project.

– – PNEM FESTIVAL, Uden(NL), 14.11.2015 – 15.11.2015 – –

On 14 and November 15, 2015 the Platform for New Experimental Music celebrates its first lustrum with the fifth PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden NL.

In a well-equipped pocket theater (in a typical old transformer building), a platform is offered to various national and international artists. The compact location and the open design of the festival, creates meetings and discussions between artists, organizations and visitors. This leads again and again to new ideas and new initiatives.

We are happy to announce who will be performing live this year: Componisten van Oorspronkelijke Muziek NL, Ken Byers UK, PushPull DE, Radio Approxim NL, Renzo Spiteri MT, Studium:Stadt DE and The Feedback Gents DE.

There will be shown soundart videos of: La Cosa Preziosa IE, Julian Scordato IT, Dickie Webb NZ, Matthew Schoen CA and Osvaldo Cibils IT and soundart installations of: Lex Raijmakers NL en Thishearbeast IE.

The Wood Walk Experience has grown into an app, which can be heard now on 365 days a year in the nearby woods. The first artists will be: Alan Dunn UK, Barry O’Halloran IE, Bart van Dongen NL, David Prescott-Steed AU, David Rogers UK, Sam Marshall UK, Katherine Trimble USA, Osvaldo Cibils IT, Sandrine Deumier and Alx P.op FR and Simon Perez AR.

Tickets still available online and to be purchased at the entrance

– – NODE+CODE, Frankfurt a.M., 16.11.2015, 18:00h – –

In a combined 9th and 10th edition of NODE+CODE, we will discuss the role of the human body in new music performances. In two lecture concerts, Steim researcher and musician Andi Otto (aka Springintgut) and the UDK Berlin based research group 3DMIN (»Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments«) will present their findings and new musical instruments. In a conversation with #NODE15 curators Jeanne Charlotte Vogt and Alexandra Waligorski, they will be investigating the corporeality of the instrumental. Which significance do instruments have for musicians themselves and the audience in times of the digital creation of sound? Do we still have to consider virtuosity as a category to evaluate the relationship between a musician and his/her instrument?

Waldschmidtstraße 4
60316 Frankfurt am Main

Doors open 6:00 PM / Einlass 18:00 Uhr
STARTS at 6:30 PM / Beginn 18:30 Uhr

Free entrance / Eintritt frei!
Supported by Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main. In cooperation with and ♥ Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main. The location is barrier-free.

3rd place for PushPull at the Guthman Instrument Competition

3DMIN is happy to announce that PushPull made it to a third place at the 2015 Guthman Instrument Competition. Thanks everyone for believing in us and stay tuned for updates!

Below you can watch the whole Guthman competition at GeorgiaTech. The PushPull performance by Amelie Hinrichsen and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes starts at about 10:23:00.


Open call for the Almanac on contemporary musical instruments

The 3DMIN project invites authors to contribute small pieces to a collection on contemporary musical instruments and related musical practice. The almanac’s intention is to collect and present as many as possible viewpoints upon the field of contemporary musical instruments.
Pieces forming the almanac are intended to explain aspects of contemporary musical instruments by forming a body of information of which the reader gains insights and new impulses for her artistic or scientific work.
Find the complete call here.